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The new furnishing trends require environments increasingly corresponding to a habitat inspired by nature.

Airy, bright, fresh that always inspires a feeling of well-being for any size of environment.

STEEL AR provides indoor and outdoor vertical green of various types:

  • Steel structure P10 covered with lichen panels
  • Artificial green partitions
  • Partitions in irrigated vertical green
  • Vertical green for outdoor


Vertical Green
Indoor and outdoor Vertical Gardens
Interior Construction Architecture

Partitions with Natural Lichen

Steel AR offers a wide range of items such as pictures, panels or entire custom made partitions in natural LICHEN. The lichens are 100% natural, treated with biodegradable substances, they are handcrafted products, manually assembled, designed for interiors. Lichen is harvested in its full vigor in Scandinavian pastures, in areas designed for sustainable harvesting cycles, subjected to a stabilization process based on non-toxic and antibacterial components, then colored with natural pigments. It is maintenance-free and will remain unchanged for up to 10 years under standard conditions. The stabilized natural lichen keeps fresh and soft by absorbing the humidity present in the environment. It is antistatic, antibacterial and creates an environment that is hostile to the reproduction of insects; it purifies the air by filtering out toxins.
It is fireproof and sound absorbent, especially in the range of the human voice. All peculiarities that make this material ideal for use in offices and meeting rooms to reduce noise pollution. A stabilized natural green corner inside any home or community environment; it guarantees a very trendy aesthetic touch!

Available colors

Partitions with Artificial Green

Partitions with irrigated Vertical Green

The irrigated vertical green is mainly composed by the overlapping of double plastic trays embedded and connected with a piping system necessary for irrigation.

The assembly can be made on the partition structure P10 or fixed directly to the wall.

It is essential to provide a water supply in the upper part and a drain in the lower partition..

Once the individual modules have been fixed, they will be filled with plants.

Partitions with Vertical Green for Outdoors

The installation of our vegetation is easy, fast and extremely resistant to manual stress and weather. The shrubs and seedlings are attached to the OSB wood panel. Due to its low weight (13-15 kg / mq) our vegetation can be attached to wood, plasterboard, brick and concrete surfaces with only 4 dowels! The panels are supplied numbered on their back side, to allow a precise and correct assembly  according to the installation plan provided by your technician. The types of artificial vertical green for outdoor use vary depending on the number of seedlings that the customer wants to insert. They start from a base consisting of a leafy foundation with a minimum of 5 types of seedlings up to a maximum of 14 types of seedlings.

Main features


A design partition that makes your home and work environments fresh, modern and sustainable


Available in different types of finish and installation, easily adapts to any type of structure

Easy to apply

Thanks to structures designed according to the latest technology in the industry, it is quick to apply and requires no maintenance